Selkirk Riverside Business Park

THE SELKIRK RIVERSIDE BUSINESS PARK BID has been postponed until 2018. 

The Selkirk Riverside Business Park BID takes in the Riverside area from the swimming pool to Oregon Timber Frame Ltd.

Becoming a Business Improvement District will bring many benefits to the area, building a Riverside business community that works together to improve the District. A strong business community at Riverside will have a direct regeneration impact; helping to ensure Selkirk’s continued growth by attracting the next generation of employees and new business operators to the town.

Other Business Park BIDS have:

  • Improved Security, CCTV and street lighting
  • A strong collective voice when dealing with the council and landlords
  • Improved Signage
  • Worked together to improve broadband and telecommunications
  • Established new car parking areas
  • Used collective procurement to get a better deal on energy and other service and utility costs
  • Improved transport links to/from the local business park

remember, these are examples of what other Districts have achieved, the businesses at Riverside will set the agenda for Riverside. 

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For more information or to get involved, contact the Selkirk BIDs team.