What is a Business Improvement District?

cropped-BIDS-logo-jpg-file-Primary-cmyk-12-July-20061.jpg Business Improvement District (BID) –
a business-led initiative where businesses in a defined geographical area work together and invest collectively to
improve their own business environment.

The first Business Improvement District was established in Canada in 1970, since then BIDs have been developed world wide. Being part of a Business Improvement District brings benefits to the businesses themselves and the wider community living and working in the District.

What can I expect from the Selkirk BIDs?

As a business person in either the Town Centre or Riverside Business Improvement Districts you can expect to be setting the agenda for how the BID will operate. The BID business plan directly reflects the wants and needs of the businesses in each area.

Other BIDs have chosen to focus on:

Marketingcoordinated marketing campaigns across all media, driving footfall and enticing investment. 

Accessibilityimprovements to signage, parking, transport 

Cost Savingscollective bargaining to cut utility bills, represent businesses in rate appeals and champion collective procurement.

The list goes on and includes sustainable power, crime reduction, event planning and more …

To get involved with Selkirk BIDs contact Mags Fenner (Project Manager).