Why is BID right for Selkirk?

imagesBusiness Improvement Districts began in Canada in 1970, there are now successful BIDs in Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands to name a few. In Scotland there are already 36 BIDs, each one bringing tangible benefits to the areas they serve. To be part of the BID community would be a wonderful opportunity for Selkirk.

What does Selkirk BIDs aim to do?

The general economic climate over the past few years has been difficult and businesses have been at the sharp end. The costs of being in business have spiralled with utility and other operating costs increasing significantly. At the same time, there is evidence that footfall in the Town Centre of Selkirk has declined whilst at Selkirk Riverside there is no sense of ‘business community’ and there are challenges with signage, transport, lighting, security and parking.

Whatever your business, whether you are a shop, an estate agent, a service provider, restaurant or pub times are tough!

Selkirk BIDs will work to;

Support the long-term sustainability of Selkirk
• Develop Selkirk as both a visitor destination and a place to do business
• Make a real difference to trading conditions in both the Town and Riverside 

Who benefits from being part of a BID?

The Community
Encourages economic well-being and growth in the area.
• Attracts inward investment and develops partnerships between private and public sectors
• Provides sustainable investment and creates a positive sense of place and pride in the town.

The Business/Operator
Increased footfall with increased spend, sales and profit.
• Gives businesses a local voice. They decide and vote for actions before investment.
• Gives a voice for smaller businesses
• Reduces costs through collective procurement, joint promotions, marketing and crime reduction

The Landlord
Increases rental values and assists capital growth
• Increases desirability of area and attracts occupiers
• Increases trade which will affect turnover based rents